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Toronto at a glance from an ELLA student's point of view

We are so grateful for the amazing stories and feedback we receive from our clients. On this opportunity, Artem Kalimullin is sharing his experience in Toronto, Canada. Artem spent 4 weeks studying an IELTS course in ILAC School with a very specific purpose in mind. If you were wondering how a real student of ours will feel, his thoughts, motives, how was the school, their education system, the city and the experience as a whole, please keep reading.

"I would like to share my impressions of my recent trip to Toronto, Canada.

Initially, I started thinking about studying abroad in August 2018, I was contemplating this idea and looking for options. Eventually, I was recommended to reach out to ELLA Education. Albina was my consultant during all this time. She is very positive and kind. She also told me all about how is the education system in Canada and even more than that, including all the advantages and disadvantages. Really, she talked about everything, for wish I am very grateful.

So, in a week after I weighted all pros and cons, I realised that Toronto is the best option for me. But I had one problem: I was required to pass IELTS as soon as possible. At the moment I am in the 11th grade of high school in Russia and I need to get ready for my high school graduation exams. Nevertheless, I started my IELTS preparations in September at the same time. I didn't really have much time, I was just able to dedicate 1 day a week for studying IELTS.

During this time, Albina was always in contact with me. We stayed looking for colleges. She provided me with different helpful resources for exam preparations. I still felt that time was short for IELTS and I was not ready. So, Albina offered the option to go to Toronto for a 4-weeks IELTS preparation course.

Fig 2. Nathan Phillips Square & City Hall, Downtown Toronto, Canada.

And then, in December 2018 I went to this incredible city. I arrived on a Sunday and I was taken to my host family. Next day I was already writing a placement test at ILAC.

That day was a turning point for me. I was realizing that I was in a country where everyone speaks English and I was afraid I would't understand what is taught in classes. In the afternoon my consultant met me. We walked around the city, talked, she showed me the city's landmarks and I started feeling much better. In the evening I got the results of my placement test. It turned out I was on the level 10 (Pre-Advanced)! So, I started my classes the next day. From the first class I felt really comfortable. English teachers explain everything very clearly and simple. The lessons were effective and it all was very positive.

Four days later I did another test and got transferred to the level 14 (Advanced) right away. The month went by so quickly! I was already writing IELTS on January 12th and I just recently got the results and I got an average score of 6.0, exactly what I was required. I think, I could have done better, maybe 6.5 or 7.0 , but I was nervous during the exam. However, I am happy with the result I've got!

Regarding the city of Toronto. I just fell in love! Of course, there are always disadvantages, but they were not very significant. The city is very beautiful and it looks very much like New York. There's a lot of entertainment and beautiful parks. Feels like it is all made for the benefit of it's citizens and visitors."

Thank you Artem for taking the time to give us such a detailed review and wanting to share your experience. We are glad to help you achieve your goals and when we say we go above and beyond... we really mean it!

We hope this helps you understand the way we work and how great is to overcome your fears and go for what you really want.

​​Hi, I'm Marcos. I have an electrical engineering degree and a post-grad in business management but somehow I ended up being an educational agent for ELLA Education. I also like to write stuff here and there as this is my way of practicing for my future magnum opus due on my late 50's.